Photo by: Rebecca Gallop of A Daily Something

MEET Abigail:

Hello! I am a wedding and portrait photographer for the dear people of - well just about anywhere you want me to be!! I don't much fancy talking about myself, in fact I'd much rather hear about you! But, since we must begin the introduction somehow, here is a bit about me:

My journey to become a photographer began in 2012, during one of the greatest adventures of my life! I found myself, through a series of mind-boggling events, pitching tent with a wonderful group of friends in the eastern most region of Costa Rica's mountains! In those mountains, surrounded by the most exotic, enclosed and weathered ways of living, everywhere you look there is a new and fascinating story to tell. Stories of tradition, hardship, loyalty, redemption, nature, and the beauty of family. During that time in Costa Rica, I was designated "chief camera lady". Our team, overwhelmed by the impact of these stories, could not wait to share the marvels of the mountains with friends back home. After taking those pictures back down the mountain, I realized just how real and poignant a story can become with its face, setting + bit of imagination. The smells and cool breezes that waft through Doña Dolores' house may never be experienced again, but the story of her tireless love, labor + the beautiful wrinkles of her smile are permanent in our memories and the pictures we have to share. There and then, my passion for story-telling and photography was ignited in a way I had never experienced before!

Now I get to live out some of that passion in Northern Virginia, Harper's Ferry and the surrounding areas - a far cry from Costa Rica, but home none-the-less! Plus, with a love for adventure, I am always ready and willing to travel to you - be it New York or the other side of the world! Your story is meaningful, your life is beautiful, your millstones are important. I would relish the privilege to get to know you and capture those stories!